System 6000™


System 6000
System 6000

This windows based system offers keycard management flexibility and superior control throughout a property and is ready to interface with a hotel property management system (PMS).


  • Multiple username/password levels available
  • Provides detailed system use reports
  • Provides detailed system use reports
  • Efficient cancellation & replacement of keycards
  • Customisable keycard programming functionality
  • Third party integration capabilities (PMS)


System 6000 provides centralised auditing & enhanced reporting features and also integrates with many point-of-sale (POS) and self-check-in kiosks.

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System 6000™ software installs on any Windows-based PC and does not require separate client/server software. Simply insert the installation CD-ROM and follow the prompts. System 6000 also uses industry standard TCP/IP network protocol, allowing properties to plug into their existing Ethernet networks. Additional property network and equipment requirements and recommendations can be referenced on the SAFLOK System 6000 property network diagram document included with the Property Installation Kit.


  • Customise access rights for management & front desk staff
  • Audit keycard-making transactions, user/group authorisations, keycards issued reports
  • Eliminate security risk posed by lost/stolen keycards
  • Provide different users different programming rights
  • Point-of-sale and self-check-in interfacing options