Front Desk Unit (FDU)

Prezentare Generalâ


Accelerate the check-in process and reduce training time with the most user-friendly access control system in the industry!

An intuitive user interface designed to meet hotel industry's needs makes the Next Generation FDU so easy to use that your front desk personnel will only need minimal training.


  • encodes keycards
  • tracks keycard data
  • programs locks
  • maintains locks
  • audits locks 


It is ideal for smaller hotels in need of a comprehensive access control system with single or multiple workstations.

Technical Data

The FDU encodes keycards quickly while tracking how many were issued and who made each keycard.

Thanks to its USB ports, you can connect the FDU to an external computer, printer or PMS system to share check-in data and produce audits and reports that measure operational efficiency. Implement upgrades and configuration changes immediately, eliminating delays and shipping costs.


  • Encodes, reads and verifies keycards
  • Programs, audits and maintains hotel locks
  • Allows 15 levels of keycard access from guest to emergency
  • Includes 5 authorization levels
  • Encodes 10 special-purpose keycards
  • Stores an audit of the last 4000 transactions
  • Keeps system time
  • Allows lock / FDU audit viewing and printing
  • Supports 8 guest and 16 staff common areas
  • Accommodates up to 16,000 guest rooms