Kaba evolo – explore the new access system!

Kaba evolo is the consequent further development in flexibility and future security. The wireless connection and scalability of various components of Kaba evolo is remarkable. It is not only possible to expand mechanical key systems without any problems, seamless migration into superior online access systems is also possible at any time. Kaba evolo is the ideal choice for flexibly harmonized, intelligent access systems.

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Kaba smart key

User key – Kaba smart key

Whether your system incorporates time recording, electronic or mechanical access control, the Kaba smart key is the one that combines it all. The additional electronic identification makes mechanical systems more secure and ID badges are no longer needed. Thanks to its compact size, it fits in any pocket.

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User media

User media

Access media are based on Kaba's specially secured RFID chip technology and provide safe and controlled access.

Kaba digital cylinder black and white

Digital cylinder

The completely redesigned Kaba digital cylinder is characterized by a high value new look, innovative feel, compactness, plus both visual and acoustic access signals Energy-efficient electronics detect the RFID access media, check the authorization and allow doors to be opened. The modular construction eases installation. The „standard“, „dual“, and „half“ versions offer the best solution for every door.

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Kaba Mechatronic cylinder EU-Sortiment

Mechatronic Cylinders

Kaba mechatronic cylinders bridge the gap between electronic access control and the world of mechanics. As part of the tried-and-tested Kaba evolo portfolio, they can be seamlessly integrated into existing mechanical master key systems.

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dormakaba c-lever fitting solutions

Fitting solutions c-lever

The new electronic door fittings in the c-lever series combine elegant design with a wide range of functions.

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c-lever electronic door furniture

Tested and proven, c-lever electronic door furniture is inconspicuous in its classical design and is user friendly. Kaba c-lever ist compatible with practically all standardised commercial mortise door locks. In most cases, there is no need for a door lock change.

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Kaba c-lever compact

Innovation and new, high-quality design in one:
The Kaba c-lever compact is the first electronic door furniture solution which replaces a mechanical lever handle and is completely independent from the cylinder.
The c-lever compact is available in different designs, is particularly suitable for office doors, and can even be easily fitted to glass doors. The separation of the door handle and the locking cylinder enables the Kaba c-lever to be installed very easily using just two screws, as was previously only the case with mechanical handle fittings.

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Kaba reader


The high-gloss Kaba reader operates locking components, such as door openers, motor locks, barriers and automatic doors. It fits on any standard flush-mounted wall box and is available in two versions.

  • Compact reader for organizational applications, e.g. inside. Click here for the data sheet: 9110, 9104
  • Remote reader. Click here for the data sheet: 9115
  • Registration unit. Click here for the data sheet: 9000, 9001, 9003, 9004

Kaba evolo programming

Programming media

Kaba evolo programming badges are used for manual programming. A new badge can be programmed into an existing access system without any additional programming equipment.

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Security Cards

The security cards enable registration of the unique code of the master key system as well as the user media configurations into the software.

Programming device

The Kaba programming device communicates wireless with standalone door components assures rapid data exchange. Programming the wide range of time functions is facilitated by using the programming device and KEM software.

KEM management software

Kaba evolo manager software (KEM) manages users, media, door components. Access privileges are granted intuitively with this program. The audit trail provides all entry and system incidents at glance.

Desktop reader

New access media are conveniently programmed with the elegant desktop reader in connection with KEM-Software. Simply connect the USB desktop reader to the PC and get started.


The Kaba update terminal is the elegant solution refreshing or changing access privileges. Employees can pick up their access privileges at any time, for example in the lobby. New access privileges are assigned in a time saving and efficient manner.

Kaba elolegic

Kaba elolegic locker lock

Kaba elolegic locker lock

For versatile applications in wardrobes as well for storage lockers. Besides Kaba elolegic functions the free choice mode offers temporary, personalized locker programming.

Kaba elolegic locker lock (124 KB)


The items illustrated here are only a part of our comprehensive delivery program. Detailed information is available at the Kaba company near you.
Kaba evolo can be installed only by our trained partners.

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