Kaba ExperT

The patented reversible key system.

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Reversible keys are extremely difficult to copy. The code on the key is not made by drilling but by using a special milling process which conceals the exact dimensions of the code on the key. Codes are also milled on edges of the key.This provides additional security against unauthorised duplicate keys.The system can have up to 22 pairs of tumbler pins per cylinder side. Resistance against picking is achieved by using specially designed tumbler pins. The lengths of the pairs of pins are always identical - this gives the highest level.

  • Worldwide patented in 20 countries
  • Cylinder complies with security protection tested to Austrian standard B 5338, EN1303 class 5 (DIN cl. 3, Vds cl. B)
  • Cylinder is available with steel housing for highest security level
  • Smart key with Legic-chip for use in mechatronic cylinders Kaba elolegic as well as in all Legic-applications
  • Up 22 hardened pins arranged in 4 rows
  • 3-5 reversible key systems
  • Smart key bow caps are available in 11 different colours
  • Matt-nickel finish
  • Protected profile: Highest protection against key-copying and manipulating
  • Anti-picking, scanned opening protection
  • Maximal protection: replacement keys are made exclusively in the Kaba factory against signature and pass word
  • Bumping key protection
  • Fire protection (T90)
  • Option: burglary resistance; breaking protection; steel housing construction
  • International and European patent no WO 01/77466 A1, EP 1362 153 valid until 2021
  • DIN 18252 3/b class, Vds B class
  • Available in master key-system

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